2 Hr Delay Message Nov 2nd 2018

2 Hr Delay Message Nov 2nd 2018 icon2 Hr Delay Message Nov 2nd 2018title

Hello, this is Patrick Colucci, Superintendent of Buckeye Local Schools. This message is to inform you that this year, Buckeye Local Schools may use a 2-hour delay on days of inclement weather.

The administrative team is exploring the 2 hr delay option by planning a trial run on Friday, November 2 to allow parents and guardians an opportunity to plan accordingly. We understand it may be difficult with adjusting your schedule, however, with the anticipated winter forecast for 2018-19, we want to explore all school closing options in order to maintain as much classroom time for students as possible during the school year.

Therefore, on Friday, November 2, Buckeye Schools will start exactly 2 hours later than the normal start time. Your child’s bus will arrive exactly 2 hours later than normally scheduled. Breakfast will not be served; however, lunch will run at the regularly scheduled time. The school day will end at the regular time.

There will be no changes to Building Bridges transportation on this day. Saint John and A-Tech will run a condensed shuttle route as if Buckeye Schools are not in session. PM transportation will stay the same. If you have questions regarding transportation, please call the business office at 440-998-2740.

During the 2-hour delay, staff at Braden and Edgewood will receive professional development while the elementary buildings will conduct scheduled Parent/Teacher conferences from 8:00 – 9:45 a.m.

Please check our website at www.buckeyeschools.info for more information.