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Reopen Plan

Full Time Online Learning at Home Option (Entire Semester) 

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Full Time Online Learning at Home Option (Entire Semester) 

Realizing that some parents may not want to have their child return to school in the fall because of the risks posed by the Covid 19 virus, our reopening plan includes a full-time remote learning program to meet their needs.
Our Remote Program will allow students to continue their education at home using a curriculum that can be accessed online. THIS IS A SELF-GUIDED PLATFORM. Students using this option remain a Buckeye Student. In addition to the curriculum, which can be accessed anytime, Buckeye teachers will be the teacher of record.

Enrollment in this option is required. Parents and students can return to in person schooling at the semester break if circumstances change and they want to return. Students will be provided a school district Chromebook to use to access classes. Internet Access at home is needed. 


Only select this option if you plan on having your child remain online for the entire semester. Once they are enrolled, they will not be permitted to return to a classroom setting until after the first semester is complete.


Select one of the buttons below that applies to your child. 

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Superintendent's Message

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Superintendent's Message

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Hello Buckeye Family, This is your Superintendent, Patrick Colucci.
I hope everyone is doing well.  As we prepare for Monday September 28th, when we welcome back our K-2 students for in person instruction I wanted to assure everyone that our staff team is doing everything they can to make this return as seamless, and compliant, as possible.
A couple of reminders:
Please make sure to take your child's temperature every morning before sending them to school. Should they have a temperature of 100.4 or higher they must stay home. Masks are required. On the bus and in school I cannot stress how important it is that you have your Final Forms information updated. This information will help in an emergency situation as well as for quarantine contact tracing.
Food service and transportation updates will be coming by the end of the week.
Please understand that we are following all mandates set forth by the CDC, the State and Local Health Departments. We will be adhering to Social Distancing and Appropriate Cleaning practices.
The educational experience will be different. 
We appreciate your cooperation as we embark on a return to school like never seen before.
Please stay tuned for updates.
Sincerely yours,

Patrick E. Colucci, Sr.

Superintendent of Buckeye Local School District
Join us in supporting our neighborhood, school and community environment.
Supporting our students is not the main thing, it's the only thing.

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